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Your privacy is important to me, even more important than your business. If you can’t trust me with your private information, then why would you ever buy from me? That’s why I am taking the time here to make it very clear how I will go about using any information that you provide or that I might acquire.

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Information that is collected


Information can be collected in three ways:

  • Through cookies and other similar applications that help you navigate the website effectively

  • Through information that you enter when purchasing a product or signing up to a subscription or voluntarily filling out any form on this website

  • Through emails or any other correspondence that we share

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Information that will intentionally be kept


Only information entered through online forms will intentionally be kept in a database.


Items like cookies contain no privacy information and they are not used here to collect any information that could be considered personal


I will not keep any contact details that I acquire through regular correspondence in any database that can be used for mass communication. However it will likely remain in my personal email account files.

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Information that will be used and how it will be used


The information that you enter when filling out a form will be kept and used for two reasons:

  • To contact you at a later date for a subscription you signed up for or to share information that I truly believe will be of some interest to you

  • To gain further understanding of what the market (of which you are a part) so that I may offer superior products and services.


Personal information from correspondence will only be used for personal communication between me and you.


However information from correspondence that is of a technical nature and that is of interest to me and others might be shared through the website.  I respect the need for commercial confidence so please let me know beforehand if you wish to speak about something that is of a sensitive nature.


No information will ever be used for any activity that is not related to my business, and I will never directly share it with a third party. However, I might sue it to make you aware of a third party who I believe will be of interest to you.

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How you can have your personal information removed from my records


All communication with you through any mass communication system will include information on how to unsubscribe. You will be able to sue this at any time to have your personal information removed from my any of my databases.


Who to contact if you have an issue related to your personal information


Please use the contact page of this website and mention ‘privacy policy’ in the subject of any email that you send.


Clint Steele

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Introduction | Collected Info | Stored Info | Info Usage 
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