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predicting and mitigating the effects of uncertainty and random variability on technical and commercial systems


Consultation Service


What is it?


This is a free* service where we can talk about any quality issue you have over the phone for half an hour.


I understand that many issues are confidential, and you need to ensure commercial confidence. I am of course happy to sign an NDA beforehand.


What will it do for me?


Often problems are about the question that need to be asked.


Once we have spoken the next steps that need to be taken will be clear, and you will once again be moving forward and solving your quality problem.


Additionally, talking about such issues together will allow me to share more of my knowledge with you, and you will become a much more competent quality professional.


What should I do now?


If you have problem that you need to deal with or even just a general question about quality that you are having troubles understanding, then make contact and we can organise a time to speak.



* why is it free? This service benefits me as much as it does you. By talking to people about the problems that they face, I get a much better idea of what is needed by the market. This in turn allows me to stay current and valuable.