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predicting and mitigating the effects of uncertainty and random variability on technical and commercial systems




What is it?


Robustica is likely to be the most interesting item to you on this website. Robustica is a probabilistic Addin for Microsoft Excel that does more than let you to predict random variability effects on any system you can model in Excel.


It performs error propagation calculations in the back ground to quickly calculate the mean and standard deviation of specified output variables.


In addition, it has a genetic algorithm programmed into it so that it can perform complex optimisation.





















What will it do for me?


Robustica can optimise the system to not only minimise the effect of random variability, but it can also keep your output on target (What we call robustification) to truly improve quality.


It will effectively give you enough probabilistic ability to do the following:

  • Robustify a system that you can model in Microsoft Excel

  • Analyse major sources of risk and variability

  • Predict the quality of a system or product


Do Not think that Monte Carlo is enough. If you are familiar with Monte Carlo, then you need to take a look.


What should I do now?  


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