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predicting and mitigating the effects of uncertainty and random variability on technical and commercial systems


Theory Update Series


What is it?


The theory update series is a regular email with a summary of an article focused on a probabilistic design topic from one of a number of high level journals.


Journals that you probably never get a chance to see or the time to read in detail.


The review will summarise the content of the article and focus on the key action points that you can take away and start implementing immediately.


What will it do for me?


There is more to quality and risk management than what you will find in a single text or what you will learn in a standard course that your company might have put you through.


Unless you keep up to date with new research in the application of probabilistic design and be aware of other ideas in the area, you can NOT consider yourself an expert in your area.


Therefore, each email will introduce you to a new and advanced topic. It will also explain how you can start using that idea in your work straight away.


As you read email after email your knowledge in the area of probabilistic design and its application to your work will continually deepen and broaden.


Soon you will start to see solutions to quality problems that you once considered impossible to solve or outside of your area of capability.


Then one day you will realise that you have accrued a substantial amount of advanced knowledge, and you are indeed an expert on the various theories in probabilistic design and its application.


What should I do now?


Enter your name and email in the form below and press the button. You will then soon start receiving the regular email, and you will start improving your quality expertise.

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