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predicting and mitigating the effects of uncertainty and random variability on technical and commercial systems


Do you work in Quality? 
Do you work in Reliability? 
Do you work in Risk?


If you answered yes to any of these, then do you fully understand how random variability flows through a system? Can you look at a system and intuitively identify the major sources of random variability? Do you know how to apply probabilistic methods to analyse and optimise against the negative effects of random variability?


Who am I?


Hello, my name is Clint Steele.


You can read more about me on the about page, but in a nutshell:

  • I am an engineer by training

  • I have worked in product design and development

  • I have a PhD in probabilistic design

  • I have a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI)

  • I have run ventures of my own

  • I have taught at a tertiary level


Throughout all of this, the analysis and optimisation of risk and quality with probabilistic methods has always been my focus, my area of expertise and my passion.


I am now an expert in this area and I want to share and all I know with you.


What do I have for you?


The purpose of this website is to give you a correct and proper understanding of the theory of probabilistic design and its application to both technical and commercial systems. Admittedly, the emphasis will be on technical systems; there is little established research on the commercial side and I have only done a little of this myself.


On this website you will see that I have a number of things that would be of interest to one who needs to deal with risk, uncertainty, quality or random variability.


Robustica software


This is a free Addin for Microsoft Excel. It will effectively give you the skills of a competent probabilistic designer in an instant. Think Monte Carlo is the be all and end all? Think again!..


Articles page


There are a few key points to probabilistic design and analysis that you really need to be aware of if you are looking at a site like this for information. These are covered in the articles page.


Free consultation


To keep myself up-to-date and in touch with the quality problems that people are facing I have a free 1/2 hour consultation service.


Article review series


On a regular basis I summarise an article from a reputable journal. I email this summary to you along with advice on how you can put the ideas into practice, and overcome the quality and risk problems that you have.


Probabilistic design ebook


I have been teaching probabilistic design at a tertiary level for years. I have now developed an excellent ebook that covers the real core of knowledge that you need to be able to understand how random variability affects a system and how you can optimise any system against.


What will this site do for me?


If you take full advantage of everything on this website, then you will have both an analytical and intuitive understanding of how random variability works and how you can insure against its negative effects: be they high risk or poor quality.


This is ideal for people with an interest in or need to master any of the following:

  • Design for quality

  • Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Taguchi methods

  • Six Sigma

  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

  • Risk Management – technical and commercial

  • Robust design, Robustness and Robustification

  • Product design and development

  • Quality management


What should I do now?


You should first sign up for the article review series and download the Robustica software; they are both free and they will help give you an instant improvement in your understanding of how random variability or uncertainty affects risk and quality.


Then take a look at the articles to make sure that you have a good grounding in the basic theory. If you still have some questions or problems that you can't crack, then take advantage of the free consultation. You'll get a tailored service and it costs you nothing but (time that will save you even more time once you can better focus your efforts).


If you are serious about quality and designing systems that exhibit high quality and low risk, then download the ebook, and of course read it.


If anything still troubles you after that, then you can support your learning with the free consultation. This gives you an excellent chance to not only learn, but to truly master the theory of system design for quality and risk reduction.


Want to know more?


If at anytime you want to learn more about what I have on offer or if you have a question, then please contact me and let me know how I can help.